About me

Hi, my name is Thomas Van Hoey (IPA:[‘to:mas van ‘hui]). Alternatively, you may find me by my Chinese name — 司馬智 (Hanyu pinyin: Sīmǎ Zhì).

I am a sinologist and a linguist, with MA degrees obtained at the University of Leuven, Belgium. At this moment, I am a Ph.D student at the Graduate Institute of Linguistics of National Taiwan University with a scholarship provided by NTU (Research Fellowship for Outstanding International Doctoral Students 優秀國際博士生獎學金).


My current research is a diachronic analysis of ideophones in Chinese. My supervisor is Lu Chiarung. I have a passion for Mandarin and Premodern Chinese, as well as many other languages and the phenomenon ‘language’ in general. 

Between my bachelor and my master of Sinology, I was able to study at Suzhou University 苏州大学 with a scholarship provided by the Hanban. 

Find more about me by clicking on links in the About-me tab. You can read a more extensive biography, see a map of the places I have visited and my academic cv.