Academic cv

A complete and up-to-date version of my cv can be found here or on my Linkedin page. Similar information can be found in my ORCID.

Conference contributions

Van Hoey, Thomas. 2017. The thunder rolls: iconicity and ideophones in Chinese meteorlogical expressions. CLS-MPI Iconicity Focus Group Workshop: Types of Iconicity in Lanugage Use, Development and Processing. Nijmegen: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

Van Hoey, Thomas. 2016. Ideophones in Premodern Chinese: Revisiting Dingemanse’s implicational hierarchy (poster). Mimetics in Japanese and other languages in the world (日本語と世界諸言語のオノマトペ). Tachikawa: NINJAL. 17-18 December 2016.

Van Hoey, Thomas. 2016. Ideophones in Old Chinese: the case of the Shijing 詩經. ISACG 9 [International Symposium of Ancient Chinese Grammar]. Berlin: Humboldt University.

Van Hoey, Thomas & Chiarung Lu. 2016. The distribution of ideophones in Tang poems: A variationist perspective. CLDC 8 [Conference on Language, Discourse, and Cognition]. Taipei: National Taiwan University.

M.A. theses

Van Hoey, Thomas. 2015. Ideophones in Middle Chinese: a typological study of a Tang dynasty poetic corpus. Leuven: KU Leuven Master thesis.

Van Hoey, Thomas. 2014. De guwen yundong 古文运动 (Klassieke Prozabeweging) tijdens de Tang en Song: Ideologische én stilistische vernieuwing? [唐宋古文运动——意识形态以及文体风格的创新?] [The guwen yundong 古文运动 (Classical Prose Movement) during Tang and Song: Ideological as well as stylistic innovation?]. Leuven: KU Leuven Master thesis.

Other papers

For a further overview of what I have written academically (and am proud of), head over to my account or my ResearchGate account.

Scholarships and honours

National Taiwan University Academic Research Fellowship for Outstanding International Doctoral Students 國立臺灣大學國際優秀博士班學生研究獎助金 2015/09-2018/09 NT500.000

Chinese Government Scholarship for one-year stay at Suzhou University 中国国家留学奖学金 2012-2013

Finished projects

Sadly, the Babel101 project (previously found at has been discontinued. In this project we tried to translate short stories from Chinese in a plethora of different languages. I was responsible for the Dutch translations. Interested in those translations? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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