Et in Arcadia ego

I’m writing this post from my compulsory quarantine hotel in Hong Kong, where I started my postdoctoral fellowship this month. However, by being secluded from the outside–I literally cannot open the window and take a breath of fresh air, luckily the air conditioning system is working optimally–has made me realize how much I have missed just being in Belgium at home during my PhD in Taiwan.

Memorable moments of 2018

Hi, reader. Since I am doing research most of the time and somewhat struggling with the question of what I should let out of the bag and on this blog,

The Rite of Spring

Aaaah, can you feel it, radiating from this picture? Spring was in the air. And also the in the title of this update. In this update I’ll write about two

Wrapping up 2017: Taipei

I’m back. And I don’t know if to you, the reader, it feels as if I have to say that very often at the start of a blog post, but

The notorious B.I.T. (Belgians in Taiwan)

After last update’s adventures in Tainan during the winter holidays, a new semester began. With the courses I am taking this semester I will have fulfilled the credit requirement of