Memorable moments of 2018

Hi, reader. Since I am doing research most of the time and somewhat struggling with the question of what I should let out of the bag and on this blog, my findings have still only made their ways to research conferences, some articles, and my notes, instead of ending up on this platform as well. So, as it has turned out to be difficult to keep this blog updated, a catch-up blog is warranted.

Hashtag Travels With Bae

I had a great summer holiday. And with a great summer comes a great hashtag. #travelswithbae seemed to do the job. Thank you readers, for reading, I hope you are up for the many pictures that lie ahead. Below I’ll talk about my time in Prague and Belgium. Ready? Lift off! Prague After last update (insert clickbait) we went to see the Prague school of buddies that Joke and I had spent a lot of time in Suzhou with (read, for instance, how we climbed China’s Yellow Mountain together exclusively in this post).

Afscheid (III)

In Afscheid I kon je lezen over afscheid uit China, in Afscheid II over afscheid uit Taiwan en in deze post - Afscheid III - kan je lezen over afscheid van België. Dit academiejaar, 2014-2015, deed ik de master Taalkunde aan de KU Leuven. Omdat ik mezelf wou pushen (en dacht dat ik wel wat voordeel had t.o.v. mijn peers), besloot ik ook Japans mee te volgen met de eerstejaars van Japanologie.