Mapping the terminology for ideophones

Goal The goal for this short update is to use the R package lingtypology (click here for the tutorial), in order to create a map that shows which for which languages we use which terminology relating to ideophones. Now, I know that the data isn’t complete yet. It is an ongoing cataloguing project. You can find the more recent versions of this map on my Github account.

Wrapping up 2017: Taipei

I’m back. And I don’t know if to you, the reader, it feels as if I have to say that very often at the start of a blog post, but to me it does. Anyway, no more excuses, but I solemly swear to write more often here. Where were we at last time? Ah yes, I chronicled my trip to the UK. Go read that if you forgot about it, but be sure to return for the update.


Studying (Premodern) Chinese ideophones diachronically

Lanterns in the sky

Hi! It has been a monthsince our last meeting - or less if you looked at this blog more recently. In this update I would like to share with you an amazing trip we had to the waterfall of Shifen 十分 at the end of November. Since it is Christmas time, I am planning to give a few more updates in the next week - to wrap things up.