Data packages for current and future me

tl; dr I show why it is worthwile to put my Chinese-related datasets in packages and how I went about it. Introduction I don’t know if I’m very late to the party, but in this final sprint towards a finished dissertation, I keep finding myself juggling multiple datasets when using them in R. This usually is paired with a readr::read_csv() or related functions, but the drawback is that I have

Rbootcamp 2019

tl; dr Below you find what we did during the Rbootcamp for Lexical Semanticists. In between this paragraph and the contents, there is a bit of my own #Rstory. Warning, many R-puns. Intro Somewhere in the beginning of this semester, I got the request to teach the other people in my lab “the basics of R”, so that they could see what kind of benefits