And Spring Became Summer

Time flies! This post will be a short recapitulation of some things that happened after the second semester started and I first went on a trip with my friends from Belgium (read all about it here). As such, I will write a bit about my work as a model (yes, I became somewhat of a model haha); my work in the field with the Bunun people; my work as a host to people who visited me; my work as a visitor myself; and finally, my work as an academic, both in Taiwan as well as in the international community.

Breaking Winter

A New Year After my trip to Japan (read more about it here) and my department’s Christmas parties upon my return, and of course upon reaching the end of December, there was the annual New Year’s Celebration. It’s kind of funny because with this even we really get in a cyclical kind of post. That is to say, I wrote about this last year as well. If you want to see beautiful pictures of the big tower Taipei 101 ‘exploding with fireworks’, I strongly suggest you look at my post of last year.

Brought together (2)

Today’s update is the second part of a double post that aims at filling you in with some details of my life here. This part is the more academic part about conferences; the other part you can find here. As always, comments are welcome on all kinds of platforms. Conferences Conference. That is the key-word of this update. An English word originating from Latin con-ferre ‘together-bring’ (read: ‘bring together’), passing through French.

A Visit from Vietnam

Last update discussed the beginning of January and the beginning of my winter holiday. In this update I will report how I received a visitor from Vietnam and showed him around. Day 1: CKS I met my Vietnamese friend Quoc Anh during his study abroad in Belgium last year. In fact, you can read about some of his adventures on his blog. He’s got some family in Kaohsiung 高雄, a main city in the South of Taiwan and after travelling North via the East coast, he came to the Northwest of the country - Taipei.

Holiday celebrate

Hi everyone, I would like to start this post with a video of a recent earwurm: Madonna’s Holiday. It has been stuck in my head so much that it made it to title of this post. The video below features her dancing in the worst possible manner. So enjoy it, and then read the real content of this update: how I celebrated Christmas, New Year and the end of the term.

Scholars embarking on their scholarships

Here we are again - after a few weeks of battling the tasks imposed by finals. My friends had warned me before: “Whaaaat, you have taken 15 credits (of courses this semester), you will collapse during finals” [”waaaaa ni xiule 15 xuefen, ni qimo yiding hui bengkui 哇~~你修了15學分,你期末一定會崩潰”.] Apart from the very interesting usage of that last word - bengkui ‘collapse’, which seemed to be used for ‘the realm/our land collapses’ (tianxia 天下) or ‘the emperor dies’ (e.

School: 1. Les 2. Vrije tijd

De ‘snelle’ update aangekondigd in de vorige post is er eindelijk! Vandaag heb ik het voornamelijk over school, in beide etymologische betekenissen: 1. academisch leven en lessen e.d.; 2. vrije tijd. Oorspronkelijk ging ik zes vakken volgen ( = 18 studiepunten), maar omdat dat werd beschouwd als een van de twaalf werken van Herakles, heb ik ondertussen 1 vak laten vallen. En terecht, want ze verwachten hier wel meer actieve input tijdens het jaar dan in Leuven heb ik de indruk.

Welcome mixers, panda’s en Zwitsers

In de vorige post beschreef ik mijn aankomst/toekomst hier in Taiwan, die vlot verlopen was en wat ik de eerste week zoal deed. In deze update gaan we verder. Zaterdag 12 september had ik afgesproken met mijn buddy Wen-Lin. Hij heeft me gebracht naar de Longshan Temple (龍山寺), een tempel gebouwd in de 18de eeuw door inwijkelingen uit Fujian (Mainland China). De tempel was nog steeds even mooi als vorig jaar, toen ik hem in de zomer had gezien.