Iconicity in ideophones: Guessing, memorizing, and reassessing

Hooray, our paper came out, openly accessible in Cognitive Science! Its title is “Iconicity in ideophones: Guessing, memorizing, and re

ABB constructions in Chinese: collocate and ideophone

Shamelessly plugging my new article in Cognitive Linguistics, entitled “ABB, a salient prototype of collocate–id

Maybe it's not the journey but the friends you make along the way

I’m writing this blog post from the comfort of my place back in Belgium, nice and cozy inside while the winter weather is whipping up its winds (no

1yearversary in Hong Kong

This post chronicles the period of September 2021 to February 2022. Hooray! 🥳️🎆️ Today (28th February) marks one year since I got released from quarantine and got

Articulatory features of phonemes pattern to iconic meanings

One of the best things of my postdoc at HKU has been the collaboration with Youngah Do and Arthur Lewis Thompson. At the end of 2021 our first paper was published: “Articulatory features of phonemes pattern to iconic meanings: Evidence from cross-linguistic ideophones”.

Honglonglong is the sound of thunder

I don’t often see poetry books that immediately make me go OMG must have but this interview with poet Fāng Shā

Tidymodels, interactions and anova - a short tutorial

The past month or so, I’ve become increasingly intrigued by the tidymodels framework for doing modeling in R, especially after hearing an interview with Julia Silge on the Not so standard deviations podcast with Roger Peng and Hilary Parker.

43 days of summer

In the previous post I went over my first few months of settling in Hong Kong. Today it’s time to talk about my first visitor and the amazing 43 days of summer we spent.

Grounding and arting in HK

This post is the next installment of my time spent in Hong Kong. The first installment, Bird set free, talked about how I did my 21 days of quarantine and

Psyched about PsychoPy

A few weeks ago I twote this: Won't say I'm a pro (more like intermediate if even that much ha) but can now say that I am sufficiently familiar enough