Iconicity in ideophones: Guessing, memorizing, and reassessing

Hooray, our paper came out, openly accessible in Cognitive Science! Its title is “Iconicity in ideophones: Guessing, memorizing, and re

ABB constructions in Chinese: collocate and ideophone

Shamelessly plugging my new article in Cognitive Linguistics, entitled “ABB, a salient prototype of collocate–id

Iconicity in ideophones: Guessing, memorizing, and reassessing

Iconicity, or the resemblance between form and meaning, is often ascribed to a special status and contrasted with default assumptions of arbitrariness in spoken language. But does iconicity in spoken language have a special status when it comes to …

Articulatory features of phonemes pattern to iconic meanings

One of the best things of my postdoc at HKU has been the collaboration with Youngah Do and Arthur Lewis Thompson. At the end of 2021 our first paper was published: “Articulatory features of phonemes pattern to iconic meanings: Evidence from cross-linguistic ideophones”.

Honglonglong is the sound of thunder

I don’t often see poetry books that immediately make me go OMG must have but this interview with poet Fāng Shā

CHIDEOD, the Chinese Ideophone Database

Finally, the paper I wrote together with Arthur Lewis Thompson on the Chinese Ideophone Database is out! Get your copy now at Cahiers de Linguistique Asie Orientale (or by contacting us).

Theses and dissertations on my site

This is just a short update to inform you that my PhD dissertation and MA theses are now available on my website: The main link to the “re

Summertime sadness. See you Taiwan!

Wow! It has already been one month (to the day) since my Taiwan adventure ended and I came back to Belgium. High time I publish the third installment of my

Defense against the Dark Art

This is part two in my series that comprises the last 1.5 years of my candidature in linguistics at NTU. The first part, #dissertating, can be found here. This installment

Hashtag Dissertating

As I’m about to do the final revisions on my dissertation, I have started reminiscing about my PhD trajectory. I envision myself writing a trilogy (or tetralogy) of posts that